Max Stasi

We are delighted to welcome Max to close Garúa 2024 and I think he needs no introduction to anyone who is already invited to Garúa. In his own words: Max began dancing and collecting Tango music in 1999. He started active Dj-ing in 2006; during this period, he has collaborated with most of the major […]

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Olga Sannikova

What to say about Olga, she was already a DJ in her local milonga when we met but scarily knew far more than I ever did about music, having many degrees in music as well as being a classical pianist. Time has passed and she has now played in not only Lativia but Ireland, Belgium,

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I’m going to paste the huge list of events Dark-Oh has played and sent me as a bio after a few words. I have been trying to get him to DJ for Garúa since we started thinking about it right before covid back in 2020. I have known him over 13 years now, we first

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Wolfgang Weuste

Wolfgang says about himself: “I started djing in 2016 to dive even deeper into the music. Besides djing in local milongas in Germany, I got the opportunity to DJ in many European countries. . The traditional music of the 30s and 40s, but also some of the 50s and 20s, are my preference. I pay

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Gregor Hoffmann

Gregor says “For years I’ve been quizzing DJs on how they do “it”. Then the moment came when I simply had to try it myself. BAM! It was exciting, satisfying and simply a great joy. Inside, I’m always dancing with everyone in the milonga and it never gets boring to watch the reactions and think

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Solveig Jansen

From Bergen, Norway, DJ Solveig always has a focus on the dancers and the energy that brings them and keeps them on the dance floor, she builds trust, comfort and before you know it, you are playfully soaring to the rhythms and melodies of a set that you will not soon forget. She is loved

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Aureliano Tartaglione

Aureliano is Argentinian and born in Patagonia. He started dancing tango in Bariloche in 2008. Tango DJ since 2010, he set music for his own milonga and other milongas in Bariloche until 2014, when he arrived in Munich and started to musicalise in local milongas and participate in Encuentros and Marathons as a milonguero. Subsequently

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Theresa Faus

We are delighted to announce we have secured the services of Theresa Faus to play on the Monday after-party. A long-time friend and source of tango history information, Theresa is the perfect fit as a DJ for Garua. We are certain the room will sparkle as she delivers with finesse from her extensive music knowledge,

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Paola Nocitango

As we all know, Tango is also about chemistry, and here on the final night, we have set a task for a master chemist of Tango to add Peace & Love to the Craic and come up with a mixture that will seduce another round of endorphins and smiles from you all. So finally, we

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Anthony Cronin

Tango DJ Anthony Cronin was found out a bit shy today and I (Olga) am not a great essay writer. That’s why, dear Garúans, you are safe from a long read this time. To many of you Anthony is familiar as a DJ with a profound knowledge of music and romantic touch. Most of our

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