Peace & Love meets the Craic

As we all know, Tango is also about chemistry, and here on the final night, we have set a task for a master chemist of Tango to add Peace & Love to the Craic and come up with a mixture that will seduce another round of endorphins and smiles from you all.

So finally, we look forward to welcoming Paola Nocitango to close the official part of Garúa 2023. She is a lady who needs no introduction, and after we double-checked that those famous DJ Talents were all hers and not some magic influence in that famous ‘red hat’, we were overjoyed to invite her along. So we will undoubtedly end the weekend on a high (a legal one!)

We need to speak about the ‘Red Hat’ and the rumours around it, and we want to state that our investigations have proven that all these rumours are tango myths. So all the rumours that she smuggles diamonds illegally across borders or hides a miniature revolver to silence critics are fake.

Our favourite rumour is that Paola’s DJing is just a cover for her real career! This rumour says her hat is a deadly razor-sharp Japanese Samauri steel-rimmed flying assassin tool. Paola’s underworld name is the Noci Neutraliser, and she is known in these circles as being able to cut the wick from a candle with her flying hat from a distance of 100 metres!

We know one thing is sure, you will all lose your heads on Sunday Night to a rocking set from Paola.

Posted by Anthony. Updated 4 January 2023.

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2023

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