Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2023

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2023


Aula Maxima, Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Garúa is an invitation-only, close-embrace, encuentro with high-quality music on a sprung wooden floor all set in the wonderful Maynooth University, near Dublin in Ireland.

This event is live but closed for registrations…

Prepare to enjoy life to the fullest this weekend as you return to the University of Craic!

On arrival

Register at the Aula Maxima (the main venue) reception. You will be issued your Garúa bracelet which will also serve as your pass for getting past the University security gates outside normal hours.

Food selection

There will be a selection of snacks laid out at each milonga, including vegan options, to ensure everyone has the energy to dance the day and night away. The bar is always open and serves prosecco, wine, beers and tasting menus of Irish Whiskey and a selection of Whiskey styles. We also have an Espresso machine to keep you buzzing.

Drinks vouchers and prize draw

To order drinks at the bar you must first buy a voucher/s. Each voucher contains ten tokens. When your voucher is full drop it in the jar at the bar to enter the prize draw. The prize draw runs all weekend and is drawn on Sunday afternoon. The winner receives free entry to the next edition of Garúa. Tickets cost €10 (card or cash).

Bottle recycling

At registration we will issue you with a glass bottle of Irish mineral water and a name tag. We ask you keep this bottle all weekend and refill it from the water coolers in the event hall. At the end of the event you can leave your bottle behind or take it with you. We will recycle all bottles after the event.

Guinness training

The Roost Bar and Guinness is giving everyone who attends the preparty a chance to learn how to properly pour a pint of guinness. Once you have completed your ‘training’ you get to drink your full pint and will be awarded a genuine certificate with your name and the date you transitioned.

The Garúa Códigos

These are the essential codes of conduct we need for a fun, sociable tango event. We know you know them all but it never hurts to remind ourselves again.

We have two venues; the main hall at the university and then the pre-party, the after-party AND the after-AFTER-party bar in town. Each venue, the campus and the hotel are all a short walk from each other.

Aula Maxima

The main venue located at Maynooth University.

The encuentro will be held at the historical Aula Maxima of Maynooth University. The main hall of the university boasts a beautiful wooden floor and a spacious, bright and airy space to dance in every day and night. The acoustics…

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The Roost

Preparty and afterafterparty venue in Maynooth.

The Roost is a large public house with separate bars, a public bar, lounge area, mezzanine bar and a music bar. It combines the old with the new, as the pub still has many of its original pieces in place….

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The DJs

Our team of hand-picked DJ’s flying in from everywhere to ensure you can’t resist. Ever.

We will once again spend the weekend in the students quarters but this time on the other side of campus nearest the Aula Maxima main venue and therein nearer to The Roost where all parties will be held. If the student halls are not for you then your best option is the luxury five-star hotel a short walk away.


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Special thanks to our tango photographers Ekaterina Denisova and Cris Tina for the beautiful photos taken at the 2022 edition. It’s our aim to show everyone what it was like in events past. However, if you are pictured in any of these images and would rather we did not publish the image please pop us an email. We will remove the image straight away.

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