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We are delighted to announce we have secured the services of Theresa Faus to play on the Monday after-party. A long-time friend and source of tango history information, Theresa is the perfect fit as a DJ for Garua. We are certain the room will sparkle as she delivers with finesse from her extensive music knowledge, which she brings to her DJing.

In Ireland, we always have inverted ways of complimenting others, and what springs to mind with Theresa is that she has forgotten more than I know about the history of Tango music.

Officially and in very typical serious German style, below is what Theresa says about herself, but don’t be fooled beneath that lies a great DJ and dancer full of craic.

Official Bio:

When I play music I draw on the richness of the traditional tango music: on the richness in styles, with rhythmic, romantic, complex, dramatic tangos; and on the richness of rhythms, melodic lines, phrasing, timbres, and colors within each tango. I play for the dancers from a broad spectrum of music, with contrasts from tanda to tanda, in order to keep their inspiration alive during hours, always observing the mood and the energy on the floor. My stylistic focus is on subtle, sophisticated, sometimes cheeky music as opposed to bombastic, big drama stuff; mainly from 1930 to 1945, and also from the 20ies, and in smaller doses dramatic and super sweet music from later years. Of the big orchestras I love especially Aníbal Troilo, there will be no milonga without his music.

This is my motto: Music that is upbeat but not hectic, calm but not monotonous, romantic but not overblown – music that gets directly into the feet!

I started to DJ in 2004, and I founded my own milonga in 2005, it was the first milonga in Munich with 100% traditional music. I’m still maintaining this milonga “Bailongo” once a month, with myself DJing. I also DJ in other milongas in Munich.

In the last years, I started to travel with my music (and also to give seminars about tango music). I DJed in milongas and special events in many parts of Germany, in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, and Buenos Aires.

Posted by Anthony. Updated 13 March 2023.

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2023

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