A Genuine Leprechaun

Tango DJ Anthony Cronin was found out a bit shy today and I (Olga) am not a great essay writer. That’s why, dear Garúans, you are safe from a long read this time.

To many of you Anthony is familiar as a DJ with a profound knowledge of music and romantic touch. Most of our friends know him also as a passionate photographer and analogue cameras collector. I have to admit that the way he builds up his collection is a bit puzzling to me – no sign of new arrivals can be seen however the number of “babies” is constantly growing. Probably they breed at night time or otherwise I should better keep my eye on our backdoor.

Anyway, the thing you don’t know is that for the last couple of years Anthony has been researching the connections and correlations between the two hobbies of his life. I’m glad to announce that the result of his efforts is coming out soon. A book called “Hidden stories of analogue cameras in Argentine tango”. At this moment Anthony is finalizing a catalogue of tango songs related to analogue cameras with short stories behind them. You, probably, will be surprised to find there, for example, popular valses “Leica de mi corazón”, “Ilusión en blanco y negro” and “Zeiss de oro”. Tangos “Yo soy el Hasselblad” “Contaxme una historia”, “Rolleiflex de la suerte”, “Sombras, nada más”, “Adiós, Pentax mía”, “El Distinguido fotógrafo”, “Lo han visto con otra cámara” etc… These and many others previously unknown recordings might result in a massive rewrite of Michael Lavocah’s Tango Masters series.

Anthony’s challenge as a Sunday afternoon DJ for Garúa 2024 is to build and play a fantastic “photo based tanda”. So, if you have any useful tips, you are welcome to share and, who knows, maybe your suggested tango will rock the floor in the middle of rocking set.

Posted by Anthony. Updated 26 November 2023.

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2024

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2023

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