We always imagined Garúa as a place of welcome, to our friends and their friends but also a chance to welcome people to this little green land on the edge of Europe. We are proud of this land and it’s natural untamed beauty, unlike anywhere else we know. We also are conscious and know you are too that flying isn’t great for the planet, for Ireland, for the future.

So we went as green as we could with all the usual things, like recycling bottles, reducing the events waste. Still we felt this was not enough and we wanted to do more.

This year after much research, we are going to do something that goes a long way to offset the carbon footprint of Garúa and also adds to restoring the native forests of Ireland. We are collaborating with Reforest Nation a non-profit Irish initiative that replants native trees.

For every Garúan there will be one native Irish tree planted, this means 200 Garúa trees will be planted in Ireland for this edition.

Also, fifty extra trees will be planted in a scheme to prevent desertification and erosion in Africa. We are not going to just plant trees in 2024, but every year we host Garúa, so each of you who join us for a weekend of dancing and Irish Craic will also know that a native Irish tree is being planted because of you and for you.

After it has grown a bit, we hope to visit and take pictures of the Ireland’s little forest called Garúa.

In the words of Reforest Nation:

“Thank you for contributing to the restoration of Ireland’s natural heritage. In honour of the guests of your event Garúa, we will plant two-hundred native trees across Ireland.

Additionally, we will plant fifty more trees in Africa through our local partners. This initiative combats desertification and coastal erosion while bolstering food and water security. Your support also helps employ young women, aiding in poverty alleviation and promoting environmental stewardship within their communities.”

you can read all about them here on their website


Posted by Anthony. Updated 13 May 2024.

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2024

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