Bringing her famous song to Garúa

From Bergen, Norway, DJ Solveig always has a focus on the dancers and the energy that brings them and keeps them on the dance floor, she builds trust, comfort and before you know it, you are playfully soaring to the rhythms and melodies of a set that you will not soon forget. She is loved by many dancers for her balanced choices, her good energy, her sensitivity to music and her ability to perfectly time when to surprise the dancefloor. We of course have danced many times during her sets and expect a delightful start to your Friday under her guidance.

Favourite Food: Solveig shocked us totally by telling us she is a huge fan of the traditional Irish dish called Dublin Coddle.

Posted by Anthony. Updated 10 December 2023.

Picture by Veronika Korchak

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2024

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