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Now a small guide how to secure a room on campus:


So, the South Campus is closer to the venue, only 50 metres. The North Campus is about 500 metres away all within the college grounds and a ten-minute walk maximum.

There is a range of rooms on the South campus, some ensuite, some not ensuite (The College Rooms) with gender separated shower/bathroom blocks at the end of each corridor. There is a limited number of double beds, twin-bedded ensuites and single ensuites on the South Campus. The South Campus rooms do not have any kitchen facilities. All rooms are on a first come first served basis and controlled by Maynooth University, not us!

The North campus rooms are nearly all single ensuite with the odd apartment has twin beds. There are a few twins and doubles. All apartment blocks are configured in either 5 singles mainly or a twin with 4 singles. All North Campus rooms come with a equiped kitchen for cooking as you like, there are plenty of supermarkets within 10 minutes walk.

The North Campus could be the perfect choice if you are young, beautiful, and full of energy. Also, if you are solo or two/three friends together, the North Campus is maybe the better option, as you will end up with your own ensuite room, in an apartment with other guests of Garúa and have a chance to make new connections in the shared space of kitchen and living area.

If you enjoy a little bit on independence to cook or enjoy sitting around with others having the craic. The 500 metres walk in your youthful opinion is just perfect for warming up your muscles before a milonga.

We kindly ask you in the spirit of all at Garúa having a good time, to consider your room choice, bearing in mind there are life couples that might have greater need of a double or a twin room more than you need the space.

This year we are not managing accommodation in any way, we will only want your feedback at the end, the feedback last year was great and has helped us a lot, also it helped the University understand what they needed to improve in 2023.


How to Book.

1.     To book you will need the voucher code, we will issue you this when you have paid and we confirm your registration, then this guide below will help you.

2.     Look at the website

3.     You will get a date screen enter the days want to come. Note the voucher code for booking is only valid for the days Check in 27th June – 1st July check out. If you want to book extra days we suggest you book these days above and then contact the university with your booking confirmation and request extra days.

This is how the Entry Page Looks, it first looks for the dates and voucher code.

4.     The different room type will all appear. Pick a room type you want by clicking on the little box in the window. Note: if you have already been trying to book or tried in the past few weeks, you will probably need to clear your browser cache before the Garua rooms magically appear, if you only get rooms in RYE HALL as an option you need to clear your browser cache before all room options will appear.

Screengrab: This is the selection of rooms available.

5.     If you want to party in the one apartment together with friends read point 10 below as well.

6.     If you are not sure of your dates now, you can reduce the number of days later at no cost, so reserve the room now and contact the university to reduce the number of days when you have flights sorted. There is free cancellation or alteration of rooms up until about a month before the event, plenty of time to get your travel plans sorted.

7.     Continue and book through the website.

Screengrab: What booking a Classic Room Looks like, after Next it looks for your details.

8.     Again you want to book more days outside the 30tH of June – 3rd July, you need to contact the University booking office.

9.     If you are having problems with the University booking website, you need to contact the university booking office.

10.  If you want to all end up in the same apartment each with your own room but have the shared kitchen living area or cooking and partying you need to get one person to reserve all the rooms. If you are not sure of numbers yet book as many as you think you might need, as stated you can trim the number of days and rooms later in the next month or so once everyone has their plans sorted. A screen grab shows how you would block out one 5 bed apartment for your crew. After booking we would suggest you contact Annika, detail below by email to advise her you want all to be together, also you can when booking only use your name and send her the final names for each room later.

This is entirely for the party people to book an apartment together.


Who to contact about accommodation:

The Contact in the university booking office for all Garúa reservations and booking issues is

Annika Devitt

Reservations Agent

Office hours: 09:00 – 17:00 Mon – Fri IRISH TIME! Dublin, London etc.

Telephone: +353 1 708 3511


Maynooth Campus, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland

W23 DD4R

When checking in these are handy post codes (ZIP) to put into your maps to see the two different receptions for the South & North Campus.

Maynooth Campus, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

South campus reception – W23 DD4R

North campus reception – W23 C6T0


A Final Word: This is a university campus with the heartbeat rate of academia, it is not a 4-star hotel chain with constant prompt attention to all enquiries. So please do not get annoyed if they take over 24 hours to reply. Last year no one ended up camping in a tent 😉


Posted by Anthony. Updated 13 May 2024.

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2024

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2023

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