We are getting ready for registration, the Leprechauns who handle this have all been briefed.

The password for the registration will be posted in the Facebook Group on the morning of Registration.

Registrations will remain open for a minimum of two weeks to allow sufficient time for all to calmly fill out the form. We will only start issuing the first round of invites then.

When you registered makes no difference to your chances of getting accepted. Registration will always be focused on a role balanced event with equal numbers of leaders and followers and a balance of dual rolers too. Registration as a couple is obviously a lot easier to accept but we accept registrations from singles too.

Registrations are for the full three days of Garúa. The Pre-Party on the Thursday and After-Party on the Monday are not open to the public. The Pre-Party and After-Party are in the Roost Bar and more like a local milonga in style. The main milongas of the weekend will be in the Aula Maxima as last year with the same rules.

We want to ensure that all participants know and comply with the codes of the milonga (on and off the dance floor), and are respectful with all other participants, dance socially taking care of each other. For this you should be very comfortable to dance in close embrace and in small spaces. This is critical for us and by signing up you are confirming you understand and will fully respect the ronda its codigos and also the other dancers that form this unique shared experience.

Garúa is not just a closed event for our friends only, although friends are very important to us and naturally welcome. Garúa is about giving you an event to experience great dancing with like minded souls and also get a little taste of the craic. Part of the craic in life is having new wonderful interactions with people you are only meeting for the first time and sharing a laugh or joke. These are the little moments that become the memories of an event, that make you smile six months later when it randomly appears in your memory. We want to give a chance to everyone who is interested to experience The Craic. We sincerely hope that by the time the weekend is over you will have new friends to add to the colours of your life.

We will try to balance the event with new participants and with participants who have been present in previous editions without taking away from the magic.
We also pay attention to those who have been on the waiting list in previous years and we will try to get some of them in this time. So please register and be patient.

We hope that by explaining this thinking above, everyone who applies will understand that whatever the outcome of your application. That you now understand a little better how we are approaching this. We hope this leaves everyone feeling that their application will have received the same level of attention, respect and care as everybody else. That it is fully understood that the choice is because we want to give everyone an opportunity to have fantastic dancing and many warm happy memories.

Much Love to all

Anthony y Olga




Posted by Anthony. Updated 2 January 2024.

Photo by Anthony Cronin

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2024

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2023

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