Garua will be all connected and all about connections, but we have also created a Runaceo friendly event. Maybe a few people worry that the weekend will be a little too formal, the word Encuentro scares some into thinking it will be as exciting as visiting the Museum of Drying Paint. Let me remind you that yes we expect the usual common sense codigos in the Ballroom where the team of DJ’s will deliver the perfect mixes for quality close embrace dancing, where together we will all flow in one organic ronda sharing the emotions and embraces but also we have a Craicfest! A Craicfest requires lots of fun, talking and laughing so aside from the magic of the ronda, there are three other places for you, but maybe you will discover more. First, there is the Lord Byron Bar in the next room with open fires and spectacular views while you sample Ireland’s finest whiskies, Prosecco and other local wonders, talking about life, the universe and cheese. Secondly, you can sit in the upper lobby under the beautiful chandelier imagining who walked up the steps to the same ballroom in the past. Chatting in comfort, while you watch the dancers flow to and from each room. Finally, you can slip down the stairs from the corner of the ballroom out into the private garden where we will have tables and chairs with some candles to light the way. Here you can sip your drink, enjoy the stars and look at the shadows of dancers moving in the windows of the ballroom above and even here the music will be with you drifting towards you in the warm night air.  We have made sure of this in all these places, to enable you to have the chance to capture that spark in the eye of another that only happens in such places away from the ronda. Yes, we all know it, the first chords of a Troilo or D’Arienzo or whatever is the equivalent of adrenaline to your heart wanders gently past your ears, your pulse quickens with excitement. You stop talking, you listen, you realise your friend has stopped too. Eyes meet in a spark of excitement, yes that spark, there is no need for words, hands reach and together you start the Runaceo towards the room with the dancing. With all the fine DJ’s who will play for you, we expect many times there will be such sparks as eyes meet, resulting in gleeful runaceos. If you want to read the codigos for the event we suggest you go to this story next. The Ethos of Garua: How not to end up chained to the walls of the dungeon for the weekend!

Posted by Anthony. Updated 27 June 2022.

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2020

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