The Código’s of Garúa are all the basic ones needed for a good social event and to have fun. We know you know them all or else you wouldn’t have got as far as the Facebook group, but it never hurts to remind folk and Tullamore is full of places with dangerous liquids that can erase brain cells. 1.     Invitation by Cabeceo and Mirada only: Using Grabeceo, Chateceo, Texteceo, Pantomineceo (He’s Behind you!!) or any deviations of these are all going to end up with you going somewhere dark and snuggly several floors below the ronda. 2.     Before entering the floor, cabeceo with the leader already on the floor and wait for them to confirm and the space develop for you to enter. Likewise, leaders already dancing, make space, invite all to the floor so we all can have some craic. 3.     If there is a collision, shit happens! Apologise to each other via Mirada or verbally and carry on dancing. For more serious cases there will be a first aid kit and duelling pistols behind the bar. Duels will take place at the end of each DJ set, so we all get to bet on who is the better shot. 4.     Close embrace only and no dancing with flying limbs like an octopus on a spinning top. 5.     No changing lanes it’s not Super Mario Kart! It is a ronda, for feck sake! 6.     Lots of hugging after the tanda then leave the floor so that no one is blocking lines of sight for the next tanda. 7.     Seating rules: Sit wherever the feck you like as long as it in on a chair. The chairs are primarily for the ladies first, if someone is sitting in ‘your’ chair you can bring it to our attention using the appropriate form and we will immediately have them removed. Chair Ownership Dispute (COD) forms will be in the bar, fill out the details of your grievance carefully and leave it with the barman as well as the €250 processing fee. Or else, you could get your drink, go sit and chat with someone new for the craic. 8.     No Flash photography in the room where the dancing is taking place. Anyone walking through the middle of the dancers mid-tanda to create a cool video of the ronda will be next filming the inside of the fecking dungeons. 9.     Leprechaun Empathy Rule: There is always someone smaller than you, try to stand behind the smaller people so that everyone has a chance for the next mirada. In Ireland, we like to look after the ‘little people’ they are the ones with the gold at the end of the rainbow. 10.  Castle Rules: No ‘exploring’ or trying to open doors to see what’s behind. The family occupies the castle on the other floors, and we have to respect this. There is plenty to explore in all the areas we have access to. And if we all follow these; we will all have great tandas and mighty craic. 🙂 These will be formalised as the official códigos on the registration form as part of the registration.

Posted by Anthony. Updated 27 June 2022.

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2020

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