Introducing Adelina, 2023's Official Photographer
The Flying Porto Photographer

A native of Porto, Portugal, Adelina is by day an art teacher, designer, and photographer. Creative by nature, she adores taking photos since she can remember. Expressing what she observes and feels, as a dancer, in tango has led her to try to capture it in timeless images. Photographer by instinct, she craves for the little nothing that trigger in her, the impulse to reach for her camera. Expressions, feelings, gestures, stories, colours, symmetry, lines, patterns, details… she loves details, little things are her passion!

You can tell by her photos here that she has a wonderful eye for colour and for the moment. When we spoke to Adelina about being our ‘official’ photographer, she was delighted. Read after photos, for the rest of this tale.

The Flying Porto Photographer The Flying Porto Photographer The Flying Porto Photographer The Flying Porto Photographer The Flying Porto Photographer

It was when we received her wish list and vision for her photos that some concerns arose. Creation of an artificial beach outside the hall with yellow themed beach furniture, was ok, we know she is a beach bunny. Having a yellow themed milonga with everyone wearing Portuguese styled Sardine hats was rejected outright. It was however the new bird’s eye photographic vision that has caused us the greater difficulty.

As you can see from this wonderful photo of hers taken from above.

The Flying Porto Photographer

So, to enable this vision there will be this year a high-tension wire system stretching out over the Ronda. On this high-tension wire will be Adelina suspended in a harness, launching herself across the room from the balcony.

To help us understand her vision better she referred to the classic cult movie called The Big Lebowski and the role paid by Julianne Moore, in this she applies a similar system to create art. If you look at this YouTube clip from the movie, you’ll get the idea.

Scene from the Big Lebowski

We haven’t had the nerve to ask is her outfit while photographing, a total copy of what Julianne wasn’t wearing, we just hope it won’t be too disturbing to the Ronda! 

Posted by Anthony. Updated 26 November 2023.

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2023

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