An insight into the mist of ancient Irish history.

Craicfest is a word that dates back into the mists of ancient Irish history; in other words about two years ago. When we thought about creating an Encuentro Milonguero for our close embrace loving friends from both the Encuentro and Marathon circuits, it was first to give you all a great excuse to visit Ireland and to experience the legendary hospitality and landscape of this country.

We thought… So what else, as well as great dancers, a great floor and great DJ’s, makes for a great event? The answer is simple; lots of socialising, chatting, laughter, banter and wit between dances because Tango is also about socialising. Of course, that long-winded definition can be summed up in one word. The Craíc (ok it’s two words, but you know what I mean) So thus was born yet another name for tango events the Encuentro Milonguero Craícfest.

Because we want it to not only be about dancing but The Craic. After hearing about the event, the President of Ireland issued us with a very specific warning that unless we educate all our guests in The Craic we will be exiled to somewhere with no rain and summer temperatures above 28 C is in our future! This might sound pleasant to you, but to anyone Irish this is terrifying as the melting point of the average Irish person is 26C. (Source: UNHC: 1978 Study on the average melting point of Celtic people)

So what’s The Craic?

Well, Wikipedia says this, “Craic (/kræk/ KRAK) or crack is a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland.” Then Wikipedia goes off and totally misses the point about the different levels of craic. You see ‘the craic’ has many different levels: Level 1: Good Craic Level 2: Mighty Craic Level 3: Wicked Craic or Savage Craic depending on the part of the country you are from. Level 4: Deadly Craic Level 5: The Craic was ninety. This is the nirvana! A mythical level of craic that even songs are written about it. If you need an explanation read here, which isn’t a bad breakdown at all, of the different levels of craic:

Posted by Anthony. Updated 26 November 2023.

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2024

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2023

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2022

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2020

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