The best advice for Dublin on a Wednesday
77 King Street North Smithfield, Dublin

It was the night before Garúa, and all was dark in Maynooth, still there were the first arrivals in the nearby Dublin of Guaran’s. Lost and alone, they wandered the streets of Dublin town in hope, ears twisting towards every window with lights on, hoping for the vague sound of a muffled Troilo or as the night wore on, even Gotan Project would do! Alas, in Dublin town Tango is still a rare vibration confined to weekends. So, it will be like blood thirsty vampires they will arrive in Maynooth on the Thursday aching for a few ruby drops of the Bandoneon’s breath. But what to do until then, how do we help these lost souls? Well, there is an idea, as so many have asked in hope for tango in Dublin on a Wednesday. It has taken a week for me to stop laughing at such a concept. The solution is simple. There is in the city centre, on the fringes of Smithfield a place. Self-described as “a drinking pub with a music problem”. It is a chance for all to experience a real Irish bar, one of the few in Dublin with authentic Irish music and not a staged production for tourists. It’s a little off the beaten track, but worth the journey. It is a place of sessions, craic and chancers. It is a place of fiddle and pints. It is also a place best enjoyed as a group, safety in numbers is advised as the place is full of charming rogues, poetic souls that could keep you for a lifetime with stories of their lives, that it will be Monday before you know it. Wednesdays used to be the Balaclava nights! Nothing to do with terrorism but all to do with fear. As they describe so well themselves. “The Balaclavas session takes place every Wednesday night in The Backroom when Tom’s daughter Síomha and Jacqui Martin, both fiddle players, teach Irish music on a variety of instruments to those not yet brave enough to play in the front bar (Balaclava supplied if you are really shy)” So, as it is a place that is slightly off the beaten track, it is better to arrive by taxi or in a small group. So below is the place to hook up with other lost souls. Arrange to meet around 6pm and head to the Cobblestone. For a night of mad music and fun. Avoid the tourist traps of Temple Bar, here is where I send friends. If we are finished doing the Feng Shui on the furniture layout of Aula Maxima in Maynooth and ensuring perfect energy balance, we might even jump in the car and join you all there. The Cobblestone. 77 King Street North Smithfield, Dublin

Posted by Anthony. Updated 27 June 2022.

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2022

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