Venue: Thursday Night Pre Party.

Five minutes that will change the rest of your life!

(Ten minutes for really fecked up people!)

Face facts, all those years studying, reading, qualifying has paid off, or else you wouldn’t be dancing tango as it is a damn expensive drug. But there is a hollow feeling inside you, we know. We sense your pain of emptiness brothers and sisters of tango But we have the cure, the qualification, certificate, diploma for you. The magic bullet. The one that will set you above all your family and friends. The one for the wall of the office at work. The thing to fill the void inside. We at Garúa want you all leaving Ireland walking tall, walking proudly. Yes, the one key skill you are missing to feel complete will be available as part of the entry to Thursday’s Pre Party. I know you are going WTF! by now but tell me this. How many fecking milongas have you been to and come away with certificate or diploma? We are guessing, none, nada, ninny. Well, we have arranged on the job training for all attendees at the Pre-Party. The one key life skill you all lack. How to pull a perfect pint of Guinness. Yes, we have teamed up with Guinness to provide you with expert on the job training. A Guinness trainer will guide and watch everyone who wants to learn in the fine art of pulling their own pint of Guinness. After completing training you will be issued with an official certificate of training by Guinness.

Can you feel your life changing already?

Are the clouds parting and the warm rays of hope for a new future shining on you?

Think about it. You can now not only go to milongas anywhere in the world you can find work to supplement your habit in the local Irish Pub. And as to filing the emptiness inside, that’s what your freshly pulled by yourself pint of Guinness is for silly. First training session at 7.00pm sharp.

Posted by Anthony. Updated 27 June 2022.

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2020

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