With historian and restorer Pat Watson as our personal guide.
Aula Maxima, Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Maynooth Campus hosts a variety of historical treats not normally open to the public, we have arranged a guided tour with on campus historian and passionate restorer Pat Watson. Pat has been involved with the campus for decades and she will take you all on a tour bringing the old campus history to light.

This is free for all guests and leaves from the south campus Archway at 12.00 am on Saturday morning and will take around one hour. It includes getting into the main chapel that is not open to the public and only used on very rare occasions.

A must do, as Pat is magical in her enthusiasm and love for the old University and will fill you with her enthusiasm. The Aula Maxima will be open before the walk starts for those wanting to leave tango shoes etc and open afterwards for a post walk coffee.

Posted by Rita. Updated 29 June 2024.

Fantastic photos by Adelina Martins taken in 2023. You can see more of her work here from Garúa 2023 

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2024

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2023

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2022

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