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Massage with Ina Roelants

We have obtained the services of Ina Roelants, the legend of the tango scene that keeps tired dancers going. Ina will be on site from Thursday to Monday and Massage will be available in a small room upstairs on the balcony of the Aula during milongas.

About Ina

After a fifteen years career in the pharmaceutical and medical industry she switched. Initially, she obtained a degree in Zen-Shiatsu at an official BSF-Institute. She then studied Tsubo, Yin Tsing Yitsu, Chakra Healing, Holistic Pulsing, Ayurveda with Belgium and foreign certification bodies. During her massages Ina has a soft and deep touch because she pays true attention to the energy flow in the meridians. She harmonises body and mind which can eliminate secondary symptoms, such as pain or physical dis-balance. The newly found natural balance Ina generates will remain for a longer period than more high-street massage therapies.

Massage for dancers

Ina is very experienced in offering a massage-service in her ‘wellness-corner’ at International Tango-events in Europe*. As a tanguera herself, she developed a relaxing neck/back and foot massage taking special care of the dancer’s needs. She worked out a session of 15 minutes, which is approximately the time of one tanda, in which she gives a complete neck- or foot treatment. It restores the body, fatigue disappears, and it gives energy to continue dancing until dawn. Longer treatments are also available upon request.

* ex: TangoForLife (B), CitaDeLosAmigos (B), AbrazoDelMar (B), EncuentroBocaAntwerp (B), BrusselsTangoFestival (B), FritkotTangoMarathonBrussels (B), HighNoonBerlin (G), Tango8Köln(G), BesosDeMielHalle (G), BalloonMonschau(G), TheBigPopManchester (GB), SonandoAmsterdam (Nl), BergenTangoMarathon (Norge), LaColmenaEncuentroCopenhagen (Dk),TangoNieveEncuentro (Sl), ColoridoLljubljana (Sl), , LaExperienciaMilongueroVillaGiacomelli (I), …

Price list

Feet or neck massage – €TBC (10-20min)
Full body massage – €TBC(30min)

Book a session

Contact Ina directly now via her website to pre-book slots. At the venue there will be a booking form to fill out. Punctuality is strongly advised as fellow guests booked after you will be delayed.


BOOK BY PHONE: +32486766785

BOOK IN PERSON: Find Ina at the event in her white therapist uniform.

Posted by Rita. Updated 26 November 2023.

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Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2023

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