French Flair in the Afternoon
Aurélien Niort

Next up you will find yourself in the capable hands of Aurélien Niort from Nantes France. To call him a safe pair of hands does not do his DJ skills justice. He is well known across the Encuentro circuit, first as a DJ and then a dancer.

In 2017 and 2019 at the very prestigious Tangueras’s Choice Awards he won the European Tangueras’s online poll for the annual prize of ‘Derriére of the Ronda’. ‘Hypnotic’ was the key word used by most voters in this poll.

Aurélien is known for his love of Troilo and Pugliese. If asked, he dislikes most the Roberto Firpo Orquesta. A source close to him, who says she wishes to remain nameless, told us Aurélien is in the habit of hiking mountains and going camping for days alone in a tent.

We found this intriguing so had our investigators track his movements. The report is back, indeed Aurélien often can be found high on a hillside in a tent. It seems also he is secretly listening and dancing with a hiking pole to the music of Firpo.

Let’s hope he will be brave enough to play his favourite Firpo tanda soon. We love him no less and look forward to a great Saturday celebration of tango music.

Posted by Anthony. Updated 4 January 2023.

Photo by Dag Stenvoll

Garúa Milonguero Craicfest 2023

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